*Hypnotic and deep soundscapes, a bass-line full of soul and sensuality, contemporary ambient-dub… highly addictive music from the very first listen. Pulshar is influenced by Hip-Hop and Blues, Dub Reggae and Psychedelic Rock, showing exquisite taste playing with loops and samplers, and great skill in creating distinctive catchy melodic rhythms. The music and voice of Pulshar are unique. Layers of evolving sounds and rich ancestral textures that take us on a journey where space and time become intertwined and confused. Are Pulshar a divine revelation? The foundations of a new era where soul and electronic music stay together thanks to this solid and advanced musical performance. To get lost in Pulshar is a highly recommendable experience. Pulshar is a band formed by Pablo Bolivar, renowned electronic composer with an extensive discography, and Sergio Aphro, graphic designer, “loop digger” and ex-vocalist of the dub and reggae bands Better Collie and Loud and Lone. Both have been working in the studio for half of this year to bring us the music from the deepest of their passionate minds. “Babylon Fall Collection” is a collection of 5 astonishing tracks that combines deep soul and old classy dub with some space-tech elements. Influenced by the sound of artists like Linval Thompson, Paul St Hilarie, Lee Perry, Al Green, Rhythm & Sound, etc… Pulshar is modern dub music with a hidden touch of Detroit music and acknowledgement towards Basic Channel, Studio One, Maurizio and Chain Reaction as well as being clearly connected to the actual dubstep scene, lead by geniuses like Burial and Kode 9. Pablo Bolivar delivers an amazing dub-techno mix of the track “KMS” that would make Echospace or Deepchord proud.

A1 – mr.money man – http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF291834-01-01-01.mp3

A2 – ashmatic – http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF291834-01-01-02.mp3

A3 – no meditation – http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF291834-01-01-03.mp3

B1 – KMS space edit – http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF291834-01-02-01.mp3

B2 – KMS – http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF291834-01-02-02.mp3

B3 – dub by the river – http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF291834-01-02-03.mp3


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